Shipping service is available at an additional cost, however it is subject to availability within your local Freight LTL delivering Terminal. Freight Shipping does not include inside delivery. We process and ship orders Monday through Friday. Items ordered on weekends (Saturday or Sunday) start to process and ship as early as the following business day. Some items may be placed on backorder. A few extra days may be required for back ordered items to ship. Shipping transit times start once your order leaves our warehouse. We highly recommend not to schedule your installation/replacement until you have received your product this can avoid any possible additional charges. Since the shipping means are not via our delivery trucks, some delays in shipping or the inability to reach your home by the freight or ground carrier may occur which are unfortunately out of our control.

Equipment Arrival
Shipping transit times are not guaranteed and may vary depending on your delivery address. The Lift Gate service is recommended on all our orders that contain large items; however it is subject to availability within your local Freight LTL Company delivering terminal.

Once your order arrives, make sure to inspect each and every item on the pallet. Count the number of items (boxes) on the shipment. Make sure that your count matches the count printed on the delivery receipt before signing for your delivery.

Missing items or incorrect items that were noted on the delivery receipt, must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your order by contacting our customer service department. We reserve the right to reject any claim for a missing items if not reported within the twenty-four period.

After taking count of the pieces on your shipment, remove wrapping or boxes and inspect each item of equipment thoroughly in the front of the driver. Do not sign the delivery receipt until you have thoroughly inspected each item. Check all of the equipment to make sure it is not dented or heavily scratched. Make sure to mark the delivery receipt clear, short, wrap broken or damaged after inspecting your shipment thoroughly. (Whichever is applicable.)

Making Notes on the Delivery Receipt
If the number of items noted on the delivery receipt matches what you have received and none of the items have been damaged. Accept your delivery, sign and Mark the Receipt Clear.

Please note: The consignee (the customer) is responsible to check and assure that the products being received are clear of damages and/or shortages.

If the items or boxes on the shipment do not match the number listed on the delivery receipt. Mark the Receipt Short (a packing slip will be attached to the freight shipment for your reference) Make sure to note on the delivery receipt which items are missing. We will work with the carrier to track the missing items, please allow up to 7 business days for the freight carrier to locate your items. Please allow the appropriate time for the Freight Carrier to locate the missing items notated short on the delivery receipt. If the freight carrier is not able to locate the missing items, we will ship those items via standard ground shipping to you at no charge if the receipt was noted short and the items that are missing are noted on the delivery receipt.

If the shrink wrap is torn or has been replaced during transit; Mark the Receipt Wrap Broken.

How do I handle a Damaged Shipment?

If you order arrives with damage, you must call or email us within 3 business days so we may assist you with a replacement order. If you are present at the time of delivery, please accept the items, but note the damage on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately.

How do I handle a return shipment?

You may return your unopened order within 30 days for a refund, minus shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee. Customers will be responsible for return shipping costs. Please keep your original box for shipping.

Option 1: Pick-Up At Our Factory – We Always Welcome Visitors! If you live in the Northeast or are traveling in New England, please try to visit us. You can get a tour of the f a c t o r y, pick out your stove, and take it with you if you’d like. If you pick up your stove at the factory, there are no crating or shipping charges, plus there’s no sales tax in New H a m p s h i re.

Customers from all over the United States visit us to order their stoves, or pick them up. We are located in an exceptionally beautiful, tranquil, and unspoiled area of New England. A trip to our factory can make a great vacation outing. Detailed driving directions are printed on a separate PDF, or enter our address on Mapquest. If you pick up your stove at the factory, it will be banded to a wooden pallet, with a corrugated cover and rain-pro o f shrink wrap. We will load the stove into your vehicle. In o rder to safely transport the stove, you will need a pick-up t ruck, van, small trailer, or an SUV or minivan with s u fficient area to load the stove. We will not load the stoves into sedans or station wagons because their size and weight makes them unsafe as cargo in these passenger vehicles. Please bring rope or straps to secure the stove against shifting once we load it in your vehicle. The stoves are h e a v y, but are actually not that difficult to move with a little mechanical leverage and a two wheeled dolly. Please re a d the section entitled “Taking your stove home” on page 3 to see how we recommend moving it

Option 2: Terminal Delivery : The first thing you should know about your stove is that it is shipped to you on the back of a tractor-trailer truck. The stove weighs about 500 pounds – too heavy for the US postal service or even for the cheerful crew in the brown tru c k s . When we ship your stove from the factory, we crate it in wood and load it onto a tractor-trailer truck.

The wooden crate is specially designed to protect your stove from the h a z a rds of a long road trip. Leaving our factory , may travel as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, and yes, even to Europe and Asia! The crate has to be built t o u g h . We choose only the best trucking companies to handle your stove.

Because we ship a substantial volume with these particular companies year after year, and because our crating is so durable yet easy to handle without damage, we have been able to negotiate very low shipping rates Once the truck gets to your local area, the driver can deliver the stove to a business that is equipped to handle f reight.

This could be a truck terminal or any other business that has a loading dock or a fork lift. The truck needs to be able to back in, unload the stove from the trailer, and pull a w a y. Picking up your stove from the closest fre i g h t terminal, or from a business, can be a pleasant and simple p roject. T h e re are close to 1000 fre i g h t terminals acro s s the country and we can usually locate one within an h o u r’s drive fro m your town.

Once you arrive with your pick-up tru c k or van, the folks at the freight terminal can load the stove onto your vehicle with a forklift or hand truck. Most terminals are open in the evenings, and terminals near m e t ropolitan areas are often open 24 hours/day. Just give us a call to find where the closest truck terminal is to your h o m e

Option 3: Business Delivery As mentioned, we can also ship the stove to any business that has the ability to unload the stove from a tractor- t r a i l e r. This means finding a business that has either a loading dock or a forklift. If you arrange to have your stove shipped to a business, you should tell them that the freight charg e s a re prepaid by us and the stove is insured by us against any damage in transit. There is no exchange of money or liability for damage for the business that receives the stove. They will want to know that.

Option 3: Business Delivery As mentioned, we can also ship the stove to any business that has the ability to unload the stove from a tractor- t r a i l e r. This means finding a business that has either a loading dock or a forklift. If you arrange to have your stove shipped to a business, you should tell them that the freight charg e s a re prepaid by us and the stove is insured by us against any damage in transit.

There is no exchange of money or liability for damage for the business that receives the stove. They will want to know that. What kind of business would accept my stove delivery? There are many businesses that can handle a stove shipment. For instance, we have shipped hundreds of stoves to building supply stores or lumber yards. Feed stores or hardware stores are also a good bet.

We have also shipped stoves to schools, hospitals, manufacturing companies, grocery stores, auto shops, garden centers, and more. If you are building, consider asking your general contractor to bring the stove to the job site along with other materials. The only requirements are that the business have unloading facilities – a fork lift or loading dock – and be open for truck deliveries during normal business hours. If none of the places listed above seem convenient, just call us. We’d be happy to help you arrange your business delivery.

Taking your stove home after a business or terminal delivery You can transport your stove from the business or terminal in a pick up truck, van, trailer, and some sport utility vehicles. You’ll simply need to measure the opening to your vehicle to ensure the stove and its crate will fit inside.

Please take a look at the crated dimensions for your particular stove listed in the beginning of this brochure. Once the stove has been loaded into your vehicle, it is best to bring the stove as close to the front as possible. In a pick up truck, bring the stove right up to the cab and tie it down so that it won’t slide during the trip back to your home. This is especially important to do if you have a bed liner in your truck, as they can be very slippery.

Try to find an area at your home that you can back your vehicle up to (i.e. a deck or porch). Two 2” x 8” planks make a great ramp to unload the stove from your vehicle and to place over steps. Leave the wooden crate intact until you get the stove on your hearth. This will protect the cast-iron and the soapstone from any damage during movement. Slide the stove toward the rear of your vehicle. If you are using a pick up, remove or lower the tailgate.

Place the ramps under the stove in the area of the pallet where a forklift would go to lift it. Have a person stand at the bottom of the ramps for stability. Two other people should be able to lean the stove onto the ramps and carefully slide the crated stove slowly down to the ground or deck. Once it is on the ground, a sturdy two wheel hand truck, appliance dolly, or four-wheeled piano dolly can get it to the hearth.

If you are using a hand truck or appliance dolly, strap the wooden crate to the dolly and lean it back to make it easier to move. Once you get the crated stove near the hearth you can then start to remove the crate by using a flat bar to take the wooden slats off.

Be careful that the bar doesn’t slip and hit the stove. The wood crate can be used for kindling if you remove all of the staples. Have four people carefully lift the stove off of the wooden pallet and on to the hearth. You are now ready to hook up your stove! Option 4: Residential Delivery We try to discourage residential deliveries because they are more expensive and are more likely to encounter scheduling problems or other difficulties. If your stove is delivered to a business or terminal we know that there is a 99+% probability of everyone being satisfied (you, us, and the trucking company).

So, if you do elect to have a resi- dential delivery, be prepared to have one of our customer service people try to talk you out of it. Here’s why: Safety: Most trucking companies will not allow their drivers to deliver freight into residential areas because of the size of their trucks. It is almost impossible and poten- tially dangerous to maneuver a “big rig” through narrow Crate strapped to a hand truck. Sliding your stove down the ramp.

Cost: Sometimes the trucking companies may have a smaller truck with a hydraulic lift gate that allows the driver to lower the freight to the ground like an elevator. If the trucking terminal in your area has one of these trucks they can bring your stove to your house. However, because they only use these trucks for special cases, there is an additional charge for the service

Scheduling Delays: Residential deliveries are logistically difficult. No matter how hard we try to arrange to have the homeowner and truck arrive at the same place and the same time, one of them is invariably late. Imagine how the trucker feels after waiting an hour or two, and the homeowner doesn’t show up? Imagine how you might feel if you take time off work and the truck gets delayed and can’t make it? These things happen and there is little that we can do to prevent them.

Unloading: The driver of the truck isn’t required to help you move the stove into your house or garage. In fact, they are really only required to let the stove down at the end of your driveway. This is partly due to union contracts and partly due to risk of damaging your walkway, doorway, or lawn. Remember, they are in the trucking business, not the moving business.