We offers a product line unsurpassed in breadth, including a full array of gas, electric, pellet and wood burning fireplaces, inserts, stoves, mantels and more. We carry the industry’s best and most recognized brands of hearth & home retail stores and builder design centers.

We thrive on continual innovation and strive to design and incorporate the latest in materials and technology. A never-ending commitment to quality, function and reliability can be seen in every product we create. Yet, in spite of all the effort devoted to growth and innovation, we never lose sight of our primary mission: Making your house feel more like a home™.

Driving the growth of our brands is two simple questions:
• How can we add comfort and convenience to the home?
• How can we create a safer, healthier environment within the home?

Our answers come in the form of superior products and distinctive features. Our collective vision comes from people so vested in the company’s success; they’re called members, not employees. It comes from partners who work closely with homeowners and homebuilders. And, part of that vision involves recognizing the next great idea could come from anyone. We also believe leadership is an action, not a position.

At Hearth & Home Technologies, innovation is an ongoing endeavor. Today, we create excellence in the marketplace, tomorrow we’ll redefine it.

When some people look at a crackling fire, they see more than a cozy atmosphere. They see freedom. Freedom from dependence on energy they can’t get, or don’t want. Freedom from modern life’s uncertainties. Freedom to live in the way they choose, in homes that are more truly their own.

That’s what we see, too. For over 150 years, we have been empowering that spirit of freedom with heating appliances that keep people warm and self-reliant. As we transformed from nation-building necessity to proud symbol of independence, we’ve remained obsessed with inventing and building the heating appliances that make it possible.

As we look forward to our next 150 years, that’s one thing that won’t change. We will continue to perfect biomass heating so that it has a clean, safe, renewable role in the energy-secure future we all want.